Ebay Profits: How I make $400+ a day as a 16-year old on eBay with no inventory

In this course I show you all the tips and tricks I use to make $400 a day as a teenager

Discover How To Get Success on eBay, Make Money, and Build a Real Online Income FAST, At Any Age Using Proven Step By Step Methods!

✔ No Business Experience Needed

✔ Suitable For Anyone Online

Everything you need to know and more on how to start and profitably run & grow your own Ebay Business! What would an extra $1000 a month do for you. Maybe you can buy new shoes or use that as seed money to start your very own business.

I taught these tips and tricks to friends and family and they have all made at least one sale within their first few days

I am not guaranteeing results here but it is more than possible to make as much or even more than me.

This business model is by no means a get rich quick scheme. It does take some effort, work and time to build it up, but once you get it going there is no looking back.

Whether you are just looking for a little bit of money or to make 6 figures income this course is a solution to that.

What you get in the course-

  • How to make money on your eBay store with minimal effort
  • Insider tips and tricks
  • How to sell on eBay with no inventory
  • How to find suppliers
  • Communicating with wholesalers
  • Learn how to fully optimize your listing
  • How to find products that sell
  • How to rank your product #1 on the first page for multiple keywords
  • The basics on setting up your store
  • Learn what dropshipping is
  • Cutting edge SEO secrets
  • How to handle problems with your store
  • Lifetime Access and Updates


Here are just some of the people who took my program, and the results?

Well see for yourself ;)

Your Instructor


Started several successful eCommerce businesses. All while still in school.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does Instant lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this life changing course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
How do I know this is not a get rich quick scam?
A scam does not work, this does ;-)
How much money will I make?
The amount of money you make varies, you control how much you make with the effort you put in.
How fast will I see results?
I have seen some students make money right away- I made 12 sales in 8 hours from one product. I also see members with patience having more success due to the amount of work they put in perfecting their store.
Why isn't the course free?
People will not value or use the course if I gave it away for free. I want you to get the most you can out of course. If you spend money on something you know you are going to use well. The things you pay for is the things you value, the things you get for free you take for granted. Also, you won't get these strategies anywhere where else and I know that because I researched this stuff is just not on the internet.
Is my personal information safe?
It is 1000% safe and confidential with payment options including Paypal and SSL encryption (The highest level of online credit card security.) It is virtually impossible for anybody else to get your personal information. No person beside you is going to see your card.
How is this different from other programs?
This isn't a self help program or anything like that. This is real formula teaching you step by step on how to make real money. There are tons of programs that do not even give half as much of tips and tricks you get in this program. The information those kind of programs is called ''Noise'' Useless things that just distract you. What you are getting here is on a whole another level.
What if I am only a kid?
I designed this course making it so that it doesn't matter what age you are, race, gender, prior knowledge this course gives you real proven tools.

Do you want to be rich?

Now I can't promise you any results but I will give you this if you are not using this program the amount of money you have right now is lower than it needs to be.

You can change that today

This day will be a turning point in your life depending on what you do. You can either continue your life doing nothing productive or get rid of all limitations and be your best self.

Think of all the money you wasted that gave you nothing in return besides small temporary satisfaction.

Instead of a water cup you buy a soda, you get those expensive shoes that won't fit you within 6 months.

This program is life time access to knowledge, something that no one can take from you. That money that you spent is gone forever the knowledge is with you forever.

I am not saying you can't have fun and enjoy luxuries, however, you can have even more fun if you choose to invest in yourself wisely.

Whether you are getting this for you or for your sibling, kid, the list goes on- this is a small but important investment in yourself.

Don't take our word for it!

King Cid (900K+ Youtube Subscribers)

If you read this far...

I know that you have big aspirations and you want to do the things that you want, I am telling you this is an investment you can look back on as a turning point in your life.

''DO something today that your future self will thank you for.''

I make thousands every month from this system.

What separates the average from the amazing is how they use take and use their opportunities given to them.

So right now you have a choice...

You can focus on things you can't change and will never change or...You can simply say how far can I get by doing everything I can today.

Forget about all the problems in your life whether it be abuse or depression.

Do not wait, do not put this off for a day, stop procrastinating, get off the couch (Or maybe get on because this program teaches you how to work from the comfort of your home) and break out from your old routine

If I make thousands of dollars a month as a kid in highschool, what's stopping you?

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